Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tuesday marked one week since Emily was born and then went to be with Jesus. The morning I was released from the hospital two of the nurses from the NICU brought down a box with some pictures, a CD, several things that had been Emily's, and a card with her footprints on them. They told me that the CD had pictures that had been taken of Emily during the day and that night before and after she died. I am so glad that we had the chance to get pictures of just Emily, but also so pictures of both Ron and me holding her in the last minutes of her life. Once we got home I decided that I was not ready to look at the pictures so I had just out the CD away. But on Tuesday night I decided that I wanted to look at all the pictures. I put the CD in my computer and began to look through the pictures. It was not long before I realized that there were only about 30 pictures on the CD. I knew that the nurse had taken a lot more than that, in fact there were no pictures of Ron and me holding Emily. It was in that moment that I began to panic. How could they have not given us all the pictures that were taken? I look over at Ron and said we need to call the hosptial right now. My wonderful husband called right then and there and talked to one of the nurses in the NICU. She told him she would have to send an e-mail and would get back to us. About 20 minutes later she called back and informed Ron that there was indeed another CD and the social worker should have told us that it would be mailed to us in a few days. Apparently the pictures needed to be converted to black and white and this has to be done on a computer. I am so relieved to know that our pictures did not just get lost.

I will be sharing photos of Emily Faith slowly over time. Here is one of my favorites.

Holding Mommy's Hand


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