Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heaven's Playgroup

Have you ever stopped to think how big heaven is? I mean think about it, if you only consider all the babies that have gone to be with Jesus since the world began, that is A LOT of souls in heaven. Then there are all the adults and children, since the world began, that have also gone to be with Jesus. That is A LOT of souls in heaven. When I think in terms of earthly beings and how many humans that would be it just blows my mind. I am sure that what people look like in heaven is so different than on earth, but in my my mind that is all I can comprehend. Heaven must be massive. I know there is Scripture that helps us to understand bits and pieces of heaven and I will share some of those over the next few weeks; but something just struck me this morning about how many souls are in heaven and I was just in awe thinking about it.
This whole thought process started this morning when Maddie pointed at my belly again and said baby. I said the baby is not in mommy's tummy any more, she is in heaven and Maddie pointed up and said sky.
We have told Maddie that her sister Emily is in the sky because that gives her a physical place. As Maddie gets older what we share and how we share will change, but right now, for a two year old, saying Emily is in the sky with Jesus fits with her understanding. Then she ran off to find her "baby."
As she was running off I smiled and started thanking the Lord for our two little girls. I thanked Him for the joy that Maddie brings to our life and I thanked him for giving us Emily, even if only for a short time. It was while I was praying that I got this image of Emily running and laughing with all the other babies that are in heaven with her and that is when I thought about how many babies that really is. WOW! I don't say that last statement as a sad thought, but as an incredible thought that one day we will get to see Emily again and get to meet all her friends in heaven that she plays with everyday.


Krista Joy Veteto said...

I think about Emily playing with friends in heaven a lot. I love how you explained it in this blog.

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