Friday, February 11, 2011

One Day, One Hour, One Minute

I had intended to write a much different post today; but then today happened. In the last few weeks I have learned to just live one day at a time, one hour at a time and one minute at a time. It amazes me the things that happen and the interactions that happen when I am open to them.
Today was such a blessing to me.
First, in the helpful spirit of our 2 year old. She has so much energy, and she wants to help with everything. I often have to tell myself to slow down and let her help if she wants to; to foster her helpful spirit and not to crush it, even if it takes me twice as long to get something done. The most important job I have right now is to raise our child and help her build traits that will last her lifetime.
My second blessing today was in the form of my friend Melissa. Her love language is coffee (I know that is  not really a love language, but if it was it would be hers), so I took her a coffee this morning just because. I then spent some time visiting with her which was so good for my soul.
A third blessing today came in the form of Megan and Sarah; they came over for lunch and Megan brought sandwiches (one of my favorite foods). We spent the next two hours talking and sharing. They were such an encouragement to me.
Then I received a fourth blessing tonight in the form of Kelley. She brought us dinner tonight, and stayed to chat for awhile. I had a chance to talk about Emily and everything that has happened in the last month and just share with her. She is such a sweet woman.

In addition to the blessings of today, we have been blessed by so many people in the last week with meals. Thank you so much to each one of you. We have truly been blessed that you care so much for our family.


Matt, Mel and Josh said...

You are right about my love language :) LOL :) Glad to be of service!!! :) LOVE YOU!!!! talk to you tmrw :)

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