Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding Laughter

I have discovered that laughter helps the healing process. It is important to find things to enjoy and even laugh at in life, even when we are hurting. I was thinking that I wanted to focus on laughter today. I remember the first time I actually laughed after Emily died; it was about two weeks after her death. It was a YouTube video of all things. Here it is for you to enjoy.

It is the small things in life, like people's crazy answers to innocent questions that should be enjoyed. Or the cute things that a child says or does.

What is something that has made you laugh recently?

I hope that you too can find joy and laughter in the simple things in life.


klarsen said...

That was funny! Thanks for the laugh! xo

Mattie said...

Thank you for posting this on this day. Laughter is something there just isn't enough of in the world and the 24th will always be Jakin's day and will always be about establishing laughter for us!

Krista Joy Veteto said...

I must have watched this with you. I showed it to someone recently but couldn't remember where I'd first seem it. This made me laugh the second time even though I knew what was coming

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