Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy Brain

I am not superstitious and have never put much thought into dates and numbers. However, the other night I was feeling particularly sad and missing Emily and let my thoughts go wild and started to think about dates and numbers. These are some crazy correlations, but this just goes to show you how crazy a grieving woman's brain can be.
  • Ron and I were married on the 23rd of February
  • Emily was due on the 23rd of May
  • I was only pregnant 23 weeks
  • Emily was due three months from the 23rd
  • Ron and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary on the 23rd
I know that these are crazy correlations, and there are correlations in anything if we look hard enough. These are just the crazy musings of a grieving, hormonal woman. I don't actually put any validity behind these crazy correlations. This is just one of those posts that really does not make any sense, but just gives you a look into my crazy brain.


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