Monday, February 14, 2011

Emily Faith's Story Part VI

On Sunday morning (January 23rd) I was doing so well that they removed the catheter and allowed me to get up and go to the bathroom. The doctor had even talked about letting me go home that afternoon. But after some discussion she agreed to let me stay until the morning and get my weekly shot before letting me go home.
I am so glad that she listened to me and let me stay because things got crazy after that.
By 4AM Monday, January 24th, I was contracting and bleeding again.
Quick Reflection: Every time contractions started it was always early in the morning.
The doctor came in about 7AM and we began to talk about what needed to happen. I had another ultrasound and it was discover that my cervix had completely thinned. He said he would call the University of Washington Medical Center and talk to the Chief Doctor and see if they would consider taking me. Normally a transfer is not approved until 24 weeks. At this point I was only 23 weeks. The doctor at UW agreed to take me and so the arrangements were made to airlift me to Seattle that morning.
The next few hours were crazy. I was started on Magnesium Sulfate, which stops contractions and helps to protect the baby’s brain. The side effects were horrible. When they first start the drug it was like I was having an intense heat flash all over my body. Then the nausea started. Once they turned down the dosage I felt a little better.
They also put in another catheter for the transfer and because they did not want me out of bed again. The transfer team showed up at the hospital about 11:30AM Shortly after than Ron left to take care of a few things before driving over to Seattle (so he would have a car to get around).
I was taken by ambulance to the Wenatchee airport and put on a small jet plane. The actual flight only took 20 minutes. When we arrived in Seattle I was placed in another ambulance to be taken to UW. The flight nurses were wonderful and had, at one time, worked at UW.  They assured me that I was going to the best hospital possible in Washington.


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