Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking Time for Me

I got my hair cut today. For me a hair cut has never been that much of a priority, in fact I have not had my hair cut since June of last year sometime. That tells you how much I really care, I don't even remember when it was exactly. I have always been one of those girls that just puts my hair in a ponytail right before I leave the house. I had purposefully not cut my hair recently; I just figured since I was having a baby being able to continue to put my hair up made the most sense. Then once we came home I just did not feel like doing much for myself and whenever I looked at myself in the mirror I thought "my hair looks fine. Sure it could use a trim, but it was fine."

Then on Monday I actually looked at  my hair and just decided enough is enough. I made an appointment to get my hair done by a women from my mom's bible study group. She did a wonderful job. If I had taken a picture I would post it, but since I don't have one, you will just have to wait until I get around to getting someone to take one of me.

It was really nice to do something for me. I have not taken very much time lately to do something for me. Mostly because I have not felt like doing much, other than be at home. It felt good to be a little bit pampered.

I am realizing that I have to take time for me and not just focus on my family and their needs. I have needs too, that often get pushed into the back ground because it is easier for me to focus on my family and not think about what I need.

I have seen this in other places in my life as well.

I spend so much time making sure that other people are doing okay, that I often forget that I need to be focusing on how I am doing and working on myself. And that doing so is not selfish, it is what I should be doing. I will continue to offer support to my friends, but I am also going to work at letting my friends know when I need help also and not just always offer up my help to them.

I have a wonderful friend who has been showing me that it is okay if I ask for help, and that if she cannot help me with something she will tell me and if it works into her day then she willingly offers her assistance. It is people like her that have been touching my life and showing me that people really do care about me.


Mary said...

Me time is important, especially now. Good for you!

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