Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy List Saturday

Today is March 26th, it is so hard to believe that it has already been two months. Where has the time gone? The day we left the hospital I posted on my Facebook page, "Seems kind of strange to me right now how life keeps moving on when mine seems to have stopped." Well it is so true life just keeps going on, no matter what we go through. While in those first few days I wondered how I was going to keep going with life. But I have found a way and I am so glad for the support and love of family and friends.

It is Saturday and time for my happy list. Last night I actually thought about not doing a happy list this week, not because I don't have things to be happy about, but because I did not really want to. No other reason than that. But this morning, when I realized it had been two months, I thought what a better way to remember Emily than with my happy thoughts for the week.

Things that made me happy this week:

* Crock pot meals.
I love to get up in the morning and get dinner started and then not have to think about it for the next 5 to 10 hours (depending on what I am making). This week I made three meals in the crock pot.
My inspiration was A Year of Slow Cooking, Stephanie spent one year using her crock pot each day. She still uses her crock pot on a regular basis, though not every day.

* A clean kitchen.
There is nothing better than standing back and admiring clean, clutter free counter tops and shinny appliances.

* Warmer days.
We have not seen snow in about two weeks now and it has been at least 50 degrees everyday this week. Once upon a time, when I lived in CA, 50 was a cold day. Here in WA 50 is a very nice day. Funny how ones perspective changes with where you live. Maddie and I have spent several hours outside each day, it has been wonderful.

* Love & Logic.
I have been reading the book Love & Logic Magic for Early Childhood. We have only started to implement some of the concepts and ideas from the book, but already I have noticed a difference in our two year old. I can't wait to finish the book and then share it with my husband.

* All-Star Chopped (Food Network) 
I know I already used reality television once, but now I am more specific. Chopped is on the Food Network, it is a cooking competition, that only gives contestants a specific time to cook something with some required ingredients. If you have the Food Network and have never check out this show you really should, it airs on Sunday evenings.

What has made you happy this week? If you would like to share your happy list too, hop on over to My Angel Baby ...Aiden and link up.


Caroline said...

Great list & I love my crock pot too. I use mine a lot.
Have a great week & a happy one.

Natasha said...

I'm glad you decided to do your list....thanks for sharing! I love Chopped!!!! I always try to think of what I would cook with the ingredients in the basket!

Hope you are having a good weekend!


New Year Mum said...

Hi... here from Natasha's Happy List (sorry - I'm a bit slow this w/end). Love warmer weather and crock pots too :)) It's always lovely to think of happy things when it feels as though there aren't any. Here to share this journey with you xoxo

Kristi Ahrens said...

Glad the book is working well! I need to get back to doing that again!

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