Thursday, March 17, 2011

7 Weeks

It has been 7 weeks since we said goodbye to our precious Emily. That means in one week it will have been two months. Sometime I think about her and think, "it feels like it just happened yesterday," but most of the time it feels like it all happened so long ago. It cannot explain it, but I just often have this feeling like years have passed, like I have been in a bad dream for a really long time.

I try to make sense of my emotions. I am asked if I am okay, and I usually answer in the positive. I think sometimes this is because it is the only answer I have since I am not even sure how to answer. Most days I am okay. Today I was fine, but I was also really moody. It was just an off day for me. Not even sure why.

Well Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway. I did not wear green today, and some how escaped getting pinched. I also did not eat cabbage, drink beer, eat anything green (other than salad), or eat anything Irish. I am okay with this and I hope that everyone is also. I think maybe when Maddie is older we will do green milk, and maybe even green eggs and ham for a meal, but not this year. It was just another day to me this year.

I hope it was wonderful for you, however you celebrated or did not celebrate today. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a much more inspired post. Night!


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