Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy List Saturday

Finding happiness in the midst of grief is so important. For me, finding things to make me happy has made each day a bit more pleasant and helps me to see past the sadness I feel.

I have decided to do my happy list with pictures today.

1. Finding a good great deal. Good deals are okay too, but I am even happier when I find a great deal. For instance this $24.99 frame for only $5.00 and the $34.99 frame for only $10.00. So excited to get pictures in the frame.

2. Seeing my angel baby's name written down. Thank you to Katy for doing this for me.

3. Getting my coupons organized. This picture is of all the coupons that had expired, but were still inside my coupon binder until I finally spent an afternoon cleaning it out. I have found that when I am not actively couponing things tend to get a bit out of control. Seeing everything back under some kind of control and order makes me feel much better.

4. Child Safety locks. This lock in particular makes me happy. It keeps my two year old out of her closet and as a result keeps all her clothes on the hangers unless it is time to get dressed for the day.

That is my happy list for this week. What makes you happy? Make your list and then go on over here and link up too.


New Year Mum said...

Here from Happy List Blog Hop... so sorry to hear about your little Emily. We also have a toddler and lost our second at 20 weeks. I love to see her name written down too. Thinking of you xoxo

Caroline said...

What a nice list. I love great deals. So sorry for your loss " Emily " . I have 4 children and 3 in Heaven. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Caroline said...

Forgot to put I hope you have Happy week !!

Tiffany said...

i found your blog through the happy list hop. great list. isn't it great to see our baby's names written. i love seeing it too. so touching.

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