Monday, March 14, 2011

Test Results

When I went in for my 4 week check-up after Emily was born I asked the doctor if he would run a few blood tests to determine if I had any medical reason (i.e. blood clotting disorders) why I had the placental abruption. I got the test results back last week. In most cases it is good to get the results in the mail and not receive a call from the doctor himself. In my case I kind of wish I had received a call. Because I received the test results in the mail, it basically meant that there was nothing wrong with me.

It comes down to the fact that there was no medical reason for why I had a placental abruption. This should be a good thing, right? It really is a good thing, but I sometimes wish there was a medical reason why this happened. Then there would be a way to treat me if I am every to get pregnant again.

On the flip side, the fact that there is indeed nothing medically wrong with me means that my chances are probably even less of a placental abruption happening again. This is a good thing.

The doctor has assured me that if I am to get pregnant again I would be monitored more closely and I would be considered high risk. This is wonderful but I am still scared of what could happen if I were to get pregnant again.

I know that my life is in the Lord's hands and he already knows what the future is for me as well as for our family. So I am going to trust Him and try not to worry about what tomorrow (and the rest of my life) holds.


Mary said...

It is a scary thought knowing that something this terrible could happen again. But you can't keep dwelling on it. I know, jeasier said than done. I've been struggling with the same issue. The important thing to remember, for me at least, is that I am not ready to give up trying to have a child. I know there are other options (adoption, surrogacy) but I don't want to go that route yet. Keep faith!

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