Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Miracles ~ Life

I have tried to write this post several times over the last two days, but always have to stop writing because I just don't have the words, my mind seems to go blank. I finally have the words, I know what my small miracle is:

The miracle of life.

For those of us who have lost a child at any stage in pregnancy and beyond we treasure those moments we had with our child(ren). But I really struck me today. What a miracle that I have had the chance to be pregnant, not just once, but twice. I had the opportunity to care for Emily for 23 weeks. The Lord blessed us, but allowing us to get pregnant and then to carry our sweet baby. We did not get the chance to raise her, but she is and will always be ours.

I have had so much sad news in the last 7 days, a dear friend, a sweet baby boy, and a close friend of my husbands all passed away recently. I have cried for each one, but I have also rejoiced in their lives. Each one of them was on this earth for a reason and now each one of them is no longer with us, but they remain in our hearts.

This is not the most uplifting small miracles post I have written, but it is my heart. I found a verse today that I thought was perfect for this post today. I had thought about writing a post about it, but that is not where I felt led to write today, but I do want to share the verse with you.

Psalm 71:14 - As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.

This is my prayer, I want to aways have hope:

Hope that the Lord is near me and that He cares for me, even in the hard times.

Hope that one day we will see those we have lost again.

Hope in the promise of a rainbow.

Hope that I can praise the Lord, more and more

What miracles have you witnessed or felt lately? Hop on over to Small Bird Studio and join this blog hop and share your small miracle.


Mary Jo said...

This is simply beautiful Rachel. Life is hope, and what a wonderful perfect reminder here at Easter time.. (And you definitely have the right words!)

Although I only carried my little one for 6 weeks, I am blessed to have had the ability to do so. The sheer joy of knowing about that little life has helped me to work through this grief process...

May God Bless you...

ccc said...

That verse is exactly what I needed to read. I feel it deep in my heart, but I just have to uncover that feeling of hope since it is buried at the moment under the grief. Thank you for posting that. And, yes I do praise God for ALL my children!

Kristi Ahrens said...

Perfect. As long as we know Jesus, we have hope.

New Year Mum said...

Sorry to hear of all the losses you've expereinced this week... my heart goes out to you and their families/loved ones. Hope this long w/end brings you some peace xoxo

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