Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Survived!!!!

A week ago a friend called and asked if we could watch their two daughters, age 2.5 years and 11.5 months for 24 hours while they went away just as a couple. Meaning that we would have three children under three for 24 hours (that means over night to). We agreed and yesterday afternoon they dropped off both girls and the fun began. Overall it went fairly well, made easier with the help of my 16 year old sister. She is great with kids and stayed and helped until after they all went to bed. Bed time was a bit of a challenge, but by 8:45 all children were in bed and asleep. Pretty big accomplishment if you ask me.
Then this morning we decided to brave it, and take them all to church. We did it, and we made it on time too.
Just before lunch their parents came picked them up. Overall I had fun, but I was ready for a rest once they left. Now my daughter is napping and I am having my down time. I am in awe of anyone who has twins and another child (which is basically what we had for 24 hours). It is a constant juggling act. I know that when there are your own children it is different, but it sure gave us a look into what it could be like with a house full of kiddos.


ccc said...

You did great! I can't believe you took them to church! I still have a hard time getting all my kids ready every Sunday and I should have this down by now:)

Caroline said...

Yay I'm glad things went well !!!
Awesome so happy.

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