Saturday, April 23, 2011

My First Blog Award

I have been blogging for almost three months and have seen several people with blog awards and thought "how cool is that." I wonder how they get them. Well guess what? I got my first one today. C at It was the best of time, and the worst of times... gave me the award. The rules for receiving the award are simple (only 4)

and the rules are...

1.Link back to the person/s that gave you the award.
2.Award other bloggers the award-- 15 recently discovered bloggers.
3.Contact the bloggers that you have awarded to let them know that they have won.
4.Tell 7 things about yourself ( I suppose they should be lesser known facts to the blogworld!)
I have began following so many blogs in the the last three months and so many of them has touched me beyond anything I can express.

1. Mandy at Under the Weeping Willow ~ She has lost two sons to Potter's Syndrome, one only 6 weeks ago.

2. Melissa at Crumbs...Chaos...and Love!!!! ~ This is a dear friend of mine. I have fun reading her blog on a regular basis.

3. Kelly at Kelly's Korner ~ This has been a fun blog for me to read and just enjoy. She has two living children that are just adorable.

4. Kristina at 3 Under 4 & More ~ This blog has made me laugh, and some days I just need a laugh

5. Natalie at God's gift of "Grace" ~ This blog, which I only found, a few weeks ago, has been such a blessing. Natalie has such an amazing perspective on the loss of her daughter.

6. Sarita at Our Perfect Rose ~ Sarita lost her daughter in 1974. I am so glad that she has started blogging and has been able to connect with other BLM.

7. Mary at The Great Elephant Symposium ~ I only found this blog a week ago, but I have loved reading this blog.

8. Jill at Footprints on our Hearts ~ She is a fellow BLM who lost twins in 2009. I have been following her blog for just a few weeks.

9. Melissa at Amelia Grace ~ She is pregnant with their rainbow baby. It is so exciting to see her journey to have this baby.

10. Meg at Pink Skys and Dragonflys ~ The first thing that drew me to Meg's blog was the title. What has kept me reading is how she shares what is in her heart. It is a pleasure to read her blog.

Nicole at Caroline's Family ~ They lost their first baby six months ago and are now waiting to welcome a new baby girl into the world. I only found Nicole's blog this week, but am blessed by what she has shared.

I know that it says 15 people, but I hope you will forgive me for only doing 9. The other people I was going to award have already gotten the award in the last few days, and I did not want to overwhelm them with too many awards.

Okay so now for the last part. 7 things about me:

1. I spent 6 months in Scotland. It was such a wonderful time in my life. I loved Scotland and would love to go back one day.

2. While I love animals I just don't like cleaning up after them, so until we have a child who is old enough to take on the responsibility, the only pets we will have are gold fish.

3. I met my husband on We lived 70 miles apart when we met, so we did a long distance relationship until we got married 1 year and 3 months later.

4.My best friend (who I have known since 3rd grade) lives way too far away from me, and I secretly hope that she will move closer soon. I sure miss her.

5. I love doing the laundry, but hate emptying the dish washer. Not sure why I dislike emptying the dishwasher so much, but I do.

6. I will eat tomatoes, but very much dislike avocado.

7. I grew my own garden last year, but ended up with way too much zucchini, not enough tomatoes and just enough onions. This year I am only going to grow tomatoes.

This was fun for me to do today. I have been sick for the last few days and having this fun distraction sure helped me feel a bit better. I hope this cheers you up too.


JenJen said...

I am so jealous about your time in Scotland!

We actually had a whole trip booked to Scotland when we found out that we were expecting Cooper. I couldn't risk having another uterine rupture in another country so we cancelled our trip. One day, though!

*Lauren* said...

I'm awarding you with another award: The Stylish Blogger Award! :) Here are the details:

Stylish Blogger Award

amandajenn said...

Miss you too!!!!! Can't wait to see you for your birthday!

ccc said...

I am so happy to award you! I love your list about yourself.

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