Friday, April 1, 2011

Fellow Baby Loss Mamas, I Need Your Help

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will have probably noticed that I have started to add pages to the top of my blog. One of the pages I have recently added is a page called Ministries.
This page is a list of buttons that link to other blogs and sites that have been set up by BLM. I know how much I have been blessed by many of these women in the last two months and I want to be able to list all the memorial options in one place for other BLM to find and be bless by as well.

I know there are a lot of ministries and organizations that have been started in memory of a child that has died. I would like to add all of them to my blog and the page in particular.

I only have a few listed right now, so I need your help to add more.

To help me accomplish this goal, if your button is not already on the page please either leave me a comment here on this post or send me an e-mail to alastingfootprint (at) Include the link to your page and a short description of what the organization or ministry is. I will include the description as well under the button.

Also if you know of an organization or ministry, even if it is not your own please let me know.

One other thing I need help with. If your button has already been added, I also what to put a bit of information about the ministry or organization below the button. So if you could send me a little paragraph that summerizes it, that would be so helpful also.


Mary said...

I wouldn't exactly call them ministries, but there are several buttons on my other page, On Her Wings, that are projects of BLM's that provide services for other families. My page is

The buttons are on the right hand side. Most of them are nonprofits and they have their own stories. Hope this helps a little!

Jamie said...

I know that there is a baby loss mother's day blog. I have used that resource to start a mother's day for BLM's here in my area. It's on my blog can get to it from there I think.

Raquel said...

Hooray!! I know you were looking for something to help others. I am so glad you found it. <3

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