Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change

I have not participated in Five Minute Friday for a few weeks. There are a few reasons for this. One, I have been keeping super busy, part of this is intentional and part of it is just life. Two, I have not really felt much like writing. I have plenty to say, but just not been feeling like sharing. And third, the last two topics I have just not connected with for some reason and decided not to try and think of anything to write, or even think about it at all.

But I am back and ready to go.

I am joining The Gypsy Mama this week for Five Minute Friday. Spend five minutes writing on the topic of the week, no editing, just write what comes to mind.


I love the changing seasons. For the majority of my life I lived in a location where there were really only two and hot. Now I live in a location that gets all four seasons and I am loving it.

This year spring seemed especially beautiful. I am not sure if it was the long cold winter we had or the fact that I needed to see new life so much this year.

When I think about the changing of seasons I think past the actually season, and think about the seasons of life. The season when you are single, the season when you are married without kids and now the season I am in, the season with a child.

This can seem like a long season at times. But what an amazing season it is. Right now I am deep in the season of a toddler and while I am finding it challenging to parent a toddler, I am finding it so rewarding at the same time.

I have also entered a new season, the season of grieving. I am sure that this season in my life will always be present now that I have entered it, but I am also sure that it will evolve and change just like the changing of the actual season. I am in the winter of my grief, but I know that there will come a day when new hope will come and I will begin to see the promise of a new life once again.


Well that was a bit over 5 minutes, but I needed to finish that last few sentences.


Shari said...

I just finished reading your story and ended in tears. I can't imagine the struggle of parenting an active toddler while still trying to grieve the loss of your sweet baby.

My prayers will be with you and your family during this season.

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