Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Tears Foundation

I recently was introduced to this wonderful organization. It is sad that this organization had to be formed, but I am glad that there is something like this for families who loss an infant. The Tears Foundation offers assistance with funeral and burial costs for families who loss an infant.

When we lost Emily, I had no idea anything like this existed. We did not find out about this organizaiton until after we had aleady made a decision about what we wanted to do with Emily's remains. I don't think knowing abou this foundation would have changed what we chose to do, but I am thankful that there is an organization that will assist families with a tasks that no parent should have to have.

 The Tears Foundation does a Rock & Walk each year to raise funds to help families. These walks take place in several places across the United States. This year I will be taking part in the Rock & Walk in Tacoma, WA.

My dear friend Jamie is going to walk with me. In fact it was her idea in the first place that we should walk. (Jamie and her husband spent the evening before Emily was born and the entire next day with us at the hospital. They arrived right after Emily was born and stayed until late that night. They left about two hours before Emily died. Having their support during such a difficult day was such a blessing.)

I am in the process of raising money for The Tears Foundation. The Rock & Walk is on June 11th. I am trying to raise $200 for the foundation. I would love to be able to meet my goal by the time I walk on June 11th. If you are interested in donating please use this link Western Washington Rock & Walk 2011, it will take you directly to the donation page that I have set up.

If you are just interested in finding out more about this organization please click on the link at the beginning of this post.


klarsen said...

We did the Walk & Rock in NJ today. It was beautiful. xo

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