Thursday, June 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Home

It has been a few weeks since I have participate in Five Minute Friday. The main reason: I have not felt much like writing. I am trying to get over this slump I find myself in and beginning to write again. I was writing a post earlier and I went to hit publish and for some reason blogger had logged me out and it had not been auto-saving so my great post was lost. And I really did not feel like rewriting it, so I put it aside and maybe in the next few days I will try again. The problem is that I will never be able to write the exact same thing again. It will be similar, but never the same, and today that makes me sad. I have no explanation for the feeling, but it is how I feel.

But with all that being said I am going to attempt to write today.


Home for me is not where I was born, it is not even where I was raised. I have discovered that home for me is where my husband and daughter are.

For most of my life we have moved A LOT. I think the longest I ever lived in one place was 6 years. The thought of a home is different to me than to many people. In the three years my husband and I have been married, we have lived in 4 homes. Would you be surprised to know that no one in my family is part of the military, this has just been my life. I would love to have a place to call HOME. One place to raise our children, but since right now we do not have that I realize how important finding home with those who I love is the most important part.

Home is not a place, it is what you make with those who are closest to you.


Wow, five minutes goes by fast when you have one focused topic and you are only thinking about that. Will you join me this week at The Gypsy Mama for her weekly blog hop Five Minute Friday 


Anna said...

"Home is not a place, it is what you make with those who are closest to you." That is a beautiful ending to your five minute write. I'm so glad you attempted to write again today. :)

Caroline said...

Thank you for your honesty here! Praying right now for encouragement in your writing. (Five Minute Friday is a great way to get back into it! I get anxious about losing posts, too, so I type everything in a Word document then cut and paste into Blogger.)

Mary said...

"Home is not a place, it is what you make with those who are closest to you."

I love this. Thank you for sharing. I sure hope your day gets better.

Dandelion Talk said...

Rachel, you have won my first blog award!

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