Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ticker...& Other Random Musings

When Emily first died I would read other women's blogs and see the little ticker on the side of the page that said how many years, months, weeks and days since their baby had died. I would sometimes think, wow it has been a long time since they lost their baby...Tonight I was looking at my blog and happened to glance at the ticker I created for Emily. It says 1 year, 3 months, 1 week and 1 day since we said goodbye. I am in "that" place now; it has been a year and and 2 months since I started blogging. This blog has been a wonderful outlet and even an aid in my healing.

In the first few months after we lost Emily I felt like I just had to write. There were days I would write several posts. Writing helped me process and handle the intense emotions that I endured. The writing was always for me. I pray that what I have shared and will share in the future will be a comfort to others, like so many blogs were/are to me.

I often wondered, as I read other baby loss mom's blogs, why they did not blog as often after a year, two years. I know understand, at least for me...Sometimes life gets in the way, another child joins the family, there is just not as much to say, as time goes by the pain in not as intense and so the need to process the pain decreases.

I wish I had the time and even the desire to write more often, but for me this is a place to come when I need to process or just share how I am feeling. I think I have decided that I will never be one of the "great bloggers" who does it for a living. This is a blog dedicated to Emily Faith and how our family is coping with not having her with our family everyday.


Nika M. said...

Most times I just have nothing to say.

Hannah Rose said...

It's good that you have this place to write when you need to. A place to honor and remember Emily Faith. Much love and hugs.

Sherri said...

Just stopping by to say hi! I know how you feel, I haven't posted nearly as much lately either! Hope all is well.

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