Sunday, February 5, 2012

Samantha Ann is Here

It is hard to believe that our little peanut is almost a week old. I have tried several times to get on here and update that she had been born, but it seemed like every time I sat down my attention was needed else where.

Samantha Ann
January 30, 2012 at 8:37am
7lbs 2 oz
20 inches long

Only minutes old

Sleeping baby


This was the most uncomplicated pregnancy, labor and delivery. The only hiccup in the whole process is that my husband was sick. For a few weeks I had been telling people that I was pretty sure that the baby would be born either January 30 or January 31, not sure why, I just had an intuition.

On Sunday, January 29 I had a lot of things planned to get done, including a clothing exchange to get clothes for both girls. I made it through the clothing exchange, but I had a lot of contractions during the exchange. But I was convinced that they were false labor and just went on with my night. I finally went to bed about 11pm hoping to get some sleep and thinking the contractions would probably go away. Well they did not go away, and at 2am I decided I would take a bath and start timing my contractions. They started at 7 - 8 minutes apart, but quickly went to 4 - 5 minutes apart. By 3pm I decided we should go to labor and delivery just to be on the safe side. The worst would be that they would just send me home. So I woke up my husband and told him we needed to go. (Did I mention that he had been sent home from work on Sunday with a fever? Plus he had a cough, not a good way to have my birthing coach. Despite how he was feeling, he never let it show and was such a great support to me).

Once my mom got to the house to watch our other daughter we headed to the hospital. By 4am I was admitted to the hospital and was 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. My doctor came by at 7am and checked me and I had progressed to 6cm and completely effaced. About 8am he came back and broke my water, not long after I started pushing and after only 6 pushes Samantha Ann was born at 8:37am.
They placed her on my chest as soon as she was born. It was such a wonderful experience. I got to hold her and just marvel that our baby girl was here and healthy. They hospital recently changed their policy and the baby now stays in the room for everything. It was awesome to be able to see or hear her all the time. The only time she left my room the whole time I was in the hospital was the first night for a few minutes to do her hearing test and check her weight. I am so in love with this little girl.

Just a little over 24 hours after she was born we were both released to go home. Life with two little girls at home is so wonderful. Our oldest took to her sister immediately, it was instant love. Maddie wants to hold and hug and kiss her sister all the time. She is also such a big helper. If it is something that the baby needs she is more than willing to go get it.

Over the course of the pregnancy we went through a lot of names. We always agreed on the names, but we just could not narrow it down to one or even two. The morning we went to the hospital we still had 5 names on our list. As with our other two girls our first choice was not what we ended up going with. In the end we decided on Samantha Ann. One of the primary reason why we decided on Samantha Ann was the meaning. Her name means God heard and He has favored me. I think the meaning fits this little life that we were blessed with after such a tragedy a year ago.

I miss Emily Faith like crazy, and wish she was still here with us, but I am so thankful for our Samantha Ann, our little rainbow after the rain.


LauraJane said...

She's beautiful. Congratulations!

Sherri said...

So happy to read this, and I'm glad you are all doing well!! Welcome to the world Samantha Ann, you're beautiful!!!!

Mary said...

Congratulations! She;s beautiful!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful and I love her name!

ccc said...

congratulations! She is adorable and I am happy to hear that labor and delivery went well also.

*Lauren* said...

Congrats :) she is beautiful! I love her name, also...such a pretty meaning.

momto8 said...

oh wow..she is just so beautiful! congrats to all of you..big sister too.
i am your newest follower.

Mandy said...

Congratulations! Samantha is beautiful and it is so wonderful to read of her safe and healthy arrival into this world.

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