Friday, December 16, 2011

32 Weeks and Random Musings

I can't believe it has been almost two months since I last posted. It is also so hard for me to believe that in just 10 days it will be 11 months since we lost Emily. It has almost been a year. Where has the time gone? This has sure been a year of ups and downs.

The good news is that I am still pregnant. I have now made it to 32 weeks with no complications. When this whole pregnancy began it seemed like forever until we would get to welcome a new life into our family and now here I am just 8 short weeks away from my due date. While I have a lot less worry than I did in the beginning of this pregnancy, I still feel on edge about when our little girl is going to make an appearance. If she is born when her oldest sister was, I only have 3.5 weeks left.

A few weeks ago I was in the baby's room working on getting things organized and I realized that this is the first baby I have really been able to prepare for. It actually feel kind of strange. With our first, Maddie, we did not find out the gender so getting things ready looked a lot different. We bought a crib and a dresser and had both set up, but we had not had a baby shower yet when Maddie made her appearance and so we really were not ready...

When I was pregnant with Emily we found out at 21 weeks we were having a girl and then two weeks later she was born. That did not really give us anytime to even begin to get ready for her arrival. We had created a registry and I had bought a few clothing items, but that was it. A few months after we lost Emily I finally packed up the few things we had bought for her.

With this pregnancy I have been sewing and organizing and washing since we found out we were having another girl. My life was really made easy this time since most of Maddie's clothes will work for this baby since they will both have been born in the same season. I have moments of "what if she comes out a he", because the ultrasound technician was wrong. But those are not very often, but it has crossed my mind. I would love a boy just as much, it would just cause me a moment or two of "what are we going to do?" But we would just take it in stride.
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